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Providing A Strong And Caring Criminal Defense

Last updated on August 14, 2023

When facing criminal charges, you need two things from your defense attorney: power, and compassion. At Brad Mathis Law Office, our attorney, Brad Mathis, provides both.

With years of experience plus a past career as an assistant county attorney, he has the strength to defend your rights in the criminal justice system. He also cares about you as an individual. In addition to aggressively representing you, he will help you and your family endure this difficult situation and guide you toward success.

Defense For A Variety Of Offenses

With years of experience under his belt, Mr. Mathis can defend you against a wide variety of criminal offenses. These include:

Whether the state has charged you with driving while intoxicated or felony burglary, we treat the charges against you with utmost seriousness.

We also represent clients who have already been convicted of a crime. We can assist you with post-conviction relief, probation issues and jail and detox release.

Anyone Can End Up In A Bad Situation

We do not judge our clients. Having worked with people from all walks of life throughout Minnesota, we know that good people often end up in bad circumstances. Anyone can make an out-of-character decision that negatively affects their life. You can open up to us about the events of your case without fear of judgment.

Get The Strength You Need And The Compassion You Deserve

You do not need to face criminal charges on your own. Contact Brad Mathis Law Office and we will assist you. We provide free consultations at our Twin Cities firm or virtually. Call 612-328-9826 or send us an email to schedule yours.