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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct can happen anywhere – at a friend’s party, on the street, in the middle of the freeway, at a park, on the bus or just about anywhere else. Often disorderly conduct arrests follow fights, brawls or group protests. Disorderly conduct is considered a misdemeanor offense and, if convicted, you could be sentenced up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

What Constitutes Disorderly Conduct?

The circumstances surrounding each arrest will vary but some examples of disorderly conduct include:

  • Getting into a fight at a bar
  • Getting into a heated conversation with your girlfriend outside of her house
  • Drinking and partying in a public park
  • Flashing someone on the bus
  • Urinating in a bush in a park
  • Swearing or yelling in public
  • Protesting

Disorderly conduct comes with serious consequences that can impact the rest of your life. In addition to facing fines and possible jail time, you could also be looking at community service, anger management classes and possible custody battles if the incident involves a spouse. Furthermore, a disorderly conduct charge can remain on your permanent record where it can be accessed by potential employers, landlords and schools.

Disorderly Conduct And Your Juvenile

If your son or daughter has been arrested for disturbing the peace, this can come as a big shock to you as a parent. Speak with a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to discuss how to mitigate the negative impact of this accusation and ensure that your child gets the best legal representation.

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