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Theft Offenses

If you have been arrested for theft, this means that you have been arrested for taking another person’s property knowingly and without consent. In other words, you have been caught stealing. There are a number of different types of theft out there. Going into a store and taking a candy bar off the shelf is only one form of theft. More serious instances of theft are known as white collar crimes and can result in a federal prosecution.

Have You Been Accused Of Stealing?

From shoplifting to mail and wire fraud, Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Brad Mathis can help you fight back against this allegation. Whether you have been arrested or whether you are inquiring on the behalf of someone else, it is critical that you understand your rights and know what this arrest means for you, your family and your future. Will you need to spend time in jail? Will you be able to see your family? Will this impact your ability to find work? All of these questions will be answered when you meet with Brad Mathis for a free consultation.

The good news for you is that theft charges do not always result in a conviction. In order to convict you of theft, the prosecution needs to prove that the act of stealing was intentional or premeditated. At Brad Mathis Law Office, our mission is to help you walk away from a theft charge free and clear. If this is not plausible, then we strive to ensure the best outcome possible.

Theft And Stealing Accusations

Knowing the various forms of theft out there can help you understand what you are up against. In most instances, your theft arrest will be considered one of the following:

  • Employee theft – This includes stealing money at your place of work, such as by going directly into the cash register or by voiding invoices. Insider trading, forging receipts and taking office equipment can also be considered employee theft
  • Embezzlement – This is a type of white collar crime that includes taking money from a higher authority who has entrusted you with the money
  • Receiving stolen property – Receiving stolen goods can also be considered a form of theft, if the prosecutor is able to prove that you were aware that the goods were stolen
  • Mail and wire theft – Both of these charges are considered federal offenses. Mail theft occurs when you tamper with someone else’s mail while wire theft occurs through the lines of communication, such as the telephone, internet or fax machine.
  • Shoplifting – In many cases, shoplifting is considered a petty offense if the total of the goods is less than $500. Even so, being charged with shoplifting can result in a permanent black mark on your record as well as a fine and possible jail time.

Criminal Defense Attorney In Minneapolis

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the evidence against you, there is always a path that will lead to the best possible outcome. Let an experienced Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer make sure you get there. Call Brad Mathis any place, anytime for a free consultation at 612-328-9826.