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There are several different assault crimes, all of which can lead to devastating consequences for you and your loved ones if you are found guilty. Even an assault charge in the fifth degree can result in significant jail time and fines. The most serious offenses can bring sentences up to 20 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. Furthermore, an assault conviction can mean the loss of important rights, such as custody or gun possession, as well as restitution to the victim and a permanent criminal record.

Whether you have been accused of an assault crime or whether you are inquiring on the behalf of a loved one that is in trouble with the law, Brad Mathis can help. With years of experience as a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, you can expect more than just an aggressive attorney – you can expect someone with passion, dedication and concern for your individual needs as well as your future.

What Is An Assault Charge?

If you have been arrested on the charge of assault, then you are being accused of causing harm, or attempting to cause harm, to someone else. In the state of Minnesota, there are six main categories of assault – first degree, second degree, third degree, fourth degree, fifth degree and domestic assault.

  • First-degree assault – The most serious degree of assault and usually charged as a felony. If you assault another and inflict great bodily harm or use deadly force against a peace officer or employee, it is classified as first-degree assault.
  • Second-degree assault – Occurs when you assault someone using a dangerous weapon or you inflict serious bodily harm to another.
  • Third-degree assault – Occurs when you assault and harm a child.
  • Fourth-degree assault – Occurs when you assault a peace officer, firefighter, emergency doctor, nurse or various other government employees.
  • Fifth-degree assault – Even if you do not cause bodily harm in another, if you intend to cause fear of bodily harm or death in the form of threats, then you could be accused of assault in the fifth degree.
  • Domestic assault – Occurs if you cause harm or attempt to cause harm to a family member. A family member may include someone you live with or have lived with, a blood relative, a spouse or an ex-spouse, a lover or an ex-lover, or someone you share a child with.

Criminal Defense Attorney In Minneapolis

In addition to serious criminal penalties, an assault charge can seriously disrupt your future financial, employment and business prospects and standing in the community. At Brad Mathis Law Office, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the aggressive legal defense required in these kinds of cases. Do not risk a conviction without first speaking to a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney. Call Brad Mathis any place, anytime for a free consultation at 612-328-9826.