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DWI Defense

Brad Mathis Law Office has defended and counseled over one thousand individuals facing a DWI in Minnesota, and we can help you too. Our mission is to protect your freedom and prevent a criminal conviction. Ultimately, the goal is to have your case dismissed and your driving privileges reinstated. If outright dismissal is not plausible, you need an aggressive attorney to negotiate a favorable settlement which includes finding alternatives to jail, work release, minimizing fines and reducing the most serious charges against you.

We understand that getting a DWI is not a pleasant experience. You may be feeling embarrassment, shame, or even anger. We will provide a straightforward assessment of your case and advise you of your various options. Allow us to do the worrying for you while you move on with your life.

We can also help you obtain a work permit or temporary reinstatement of your driver’s license if you are eligible. It is important that you begin to act proactively now in order to bolster your case.  We can help guide you in that direction before you step foot in the courtroom.

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Consult With A Defense Attorney Who Cares

Our firm sees our clients as people, not just case files or verdicts. Mr. Mathis is available 24/7 to speak with you about your legal matter and its impact on the rest of your life. To schedule a free initial appointment, call us at 612-328-9826 or use our online intake form.